New Zoom Workshop—April 2, 2022

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Shame becomes internalized from our childhood scripts and beliefs. As a result, our bodies grow up and age bug our wounded parts stay young and under developed. Here are the things we experience:

Commonalities of Internalized Shame

  1. Feeling like we are not quite good enough.
  2. Feeling insecure about other people’s opinions of us.
  3. Feeling left –out or not important.
  4. Fear that our faults will be revealed in front of others.
  5. Replaying painful events over and over in our head until we are overwhelmed.
  6. Feeling inadequate and often filled with self-doubt.

If you experience these thoughts, feelings and beliefs then this workshop is for you. If you think you are too shy to attend a workshop email me at with your questions and concerns.

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