The Minotaur and Shame

How are a maze and a Labyrinth different? The maze is complicated, full of dead ends and frustrating paths leading to no actual center. The labyrinth is based on sacred geometry with every inch of the design preplanned and delicately laid to provide the walker with a meditative and stress reducing experience.

Mazes Frustrate

Yes it is possible to feel lost and a bit disoriented while walking a labyrinth but if you keep putting one foot in front of the other, focus on the path right in front of you, you will arrive at the center. The center of the Eleven Circuit Chartres style Labyrinth provides a sacred space where the walker reflects on the purpose of this walk. When the walker feels they are ready to return the walker travels the same path out of the Labyrinth. The Labyrinth only has one path unlike the maze that has multiple paths designed to frustrate.

One Path In and Same Path Out

Shame is like a maze.  When shame is activated it creates an internal maze creating a stupor of unconscious and conscious emotions trapping the soul in deep confusion and real disorientation. Shame is immobilizing and confusing. 

How do we find our way out of shame? Here is where we came learn a few things from the Minotaur. The story of the Minotaur is an old Greek story of blood, guts and shame. The short version is that King Minos of Crete tried to trick the god Poseidon by giving a sub standard bull for the annual ritual sacrifice. This angered Poseidon.

Because, Poseidon was angered. He put a curse on King Minos’s wife, Pasiphae making her lust after the white bull that was supposed to be sacrificed. Her cravings could not be contained. Being queen, she had Daedalus build her a beautiful wooden cow, so that she could seduce the bull into a sexual act.

The rest of the story tells us that she gave birth to a half bull -half human. As the child grew he became violent and unruly. King Minos adored the creature’s power and strength. He named the bull Minotaur after himself.

King Minos had Daedalus build a large labyrinth like structure beneath the palace and every year he made the King of Athens send ten of his best youth to be fed to the Minotaur. For more on Minotaur lore you can read the novel, Ariadne by Jennifer Saint or google the Minotaur to discover other threads to this complicated by relevant story.

The Minotaur is Locked In

Shame seduces us into the unthinkable at times and we end up weaving a maze around ourselves trying to consciously and unconsciously hide our imperfections and dark secrets. 

Until we bring our shame into the light, listen, share, and provide compassion we will remain trapped in its maze keeping us from living our joyful life. Life is full of problems and complex twist and turns. The Labyrinth helps us become connected during life’s disconnects. If you have not walked one, you are missing an amazing opportunity to help yourself along your path. Go to http://www.labyrinth to find a labyrinth near you.

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