The Labyrinth Zoom Workshop You Don’t Want to Miss!!

The Labyrinth is a walking meditation that has its roots in ancient traditions and stories. The Labyrinth returns to being very relevant today because it is a very powerful metaphor and is useful to each of us during our current COVID situation. None of us have been here before and each of us are trying to find our way. A Labyrinth walk or finger walk can assist us in our darkness.
A traditional Labyrinth walk has a template of R’s: Remember, Release, Receive, and Return. These R’s help us stay focused on the walk, reflecting while showing up for ourselves.
The first R, Remembering reminds me of the part in the Lion King movie when Simba is looking into the water and sees a reflection of his father. His father tells him, “Remember, who you are.” His father reminds Simba that his father is alive in him. The Divine is alive in us. We are on a journey to find ourselves, just like Dorothy had to discover she had the power all along inside of her. Metaphors and stories help us uncover the depth of gifts that live inside.
The second R, Release is what we focus on as we follow the meandering path of the Labyrinth to the center. We are releasing our worries, our concerns, our hurts, and our pain by letting it go as we twist and turn finding our way to the center. At times during our walk we feel so close to the center, we think we are almost there and then the next circuit takes us to the farthest part away from the center of the Labyrinth.
When we reach the center, it is there we Receive. It is in the center, we have that conversation with the Divine within us and Receive what it is that we need for today. A daily Labyrinth walk can become like our daily bread. We receive what we need and we Return from the center bringing an abundance back to the world we live in. The four R’s provide us with a healing template that feeds us meaning and an inner experience during this time.
By now the reality that COVID is not going anywhere soon has broken through our denial. It is time to move toward acceptance and begin to use this time to nurture, strengthen and grow. This time is an opportunity to do our inner work and focus on ourselves using journaling, dreamwork, reading, and prayer to take us to the space within us that often gets lost in our badges of business. Now that the business badge has been stripped away, embrace this opportunity to grow, change and become more of who you want to be.
Join me during this Zoom workshop and allow yourself to make friends with this mysterious tool, like I did during my breast cancer journey. Bring your skepticism, questions, and hope and lets see where this workshop will take us.
Questions email me at

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