Why This Workshop is Important to You!

Over the years of my practice as a psychologist, I have known deep within me, there is power or magic if you will in story. All stories speak to us in in many dimensions. Stories touch us emotionally in places where language fails us. Stories offer us hope through a hero who makes it out of harms way. Stories produce magic unlocking our unconscious, setting us free from our inner prison. Many have attended my signature workshop, Lessons From the Wizard of Oz. That workshop allows attendees to make friends with those parts of themselves that feel stupid, lonely, and scared. I find that doing inner work in a community of witnesses (other attendees) opens people to their inner magic, creating possibilities they have never thought of and empowering change. Stories have a way of creating space for magic to occur. This workshop has a different story. A story, I am guessing nine of you have heard of before. The feature story at this workshop is a short story, but a favorite of mine. It is an old West African Folk Tale of two baby eagles who were raised to believe they were chickens. A farmer who came on tough times stole two eagle eggs from a nest and brought the eggs to his chicken farm. When the eggs hatched the farmer believed that the baby eagles would act like chickens because that is all they know. He named the babies, Tom and Turk. The two baby eagles reacted very differently to this experience.

To Discover if you are Tom or Turk, you will have to attend the workshop. Hope to see you there. Register Now. April 21st is just around the corner. Use this opportunity to recharge the focus in your life.

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3 thoughts on “Why This Workshop is Important to You!

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    1. Thank you for comentng. Follow along please.


    2. Thanks Anton, I appreciate that. Posted a new blog today.


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