May 4, 2018: Persephone Continued

Persephone and Demeter Continued:img_0825-1

Part II Creating the Spring Your Heart Desires

            You are invited to go back and read the March 21st Blog, where I share the story of Persephone and Demeter, a familiar Greek Fairy Tale.  I talk about this past winter and how difficult it has been for many of us to get past our stuck points.  It has been a tough winter filled with loss, bad situations, and for some even despair.  Winter has mimicked the story of Demeter and Persephone, where Persephone (Demeter’s daughter) was kidnapped to the underground and Demeter, the fertility goddess, dries up all living crops bringing famine and making the land barren.  It is only when Persephone is released from the underground that things begin to grow again and Spring arrives from the bareness of winter. 

            This year spring was rather late in coming and many of you tell me you still are feeling the despair of your personal internal winter.  Here are some things you can do, amid your despair.  In the story, Demeter pleads and demands that Persephone be returned.  Zeus demands that Hade release Persephone. Even though Hade cooperates, he forces Persephone to eat some pomegranate seeds before he releases her.  This action of force, on Hades part, assures that Persephone will have to return to the underground every six months. 


When we come up against that wall where it seems impossible to climb over it, dig under it or go around it, it is best to come to the place of acceptance.  Acceptance is the first key to our freedom.  Once we accept that we are in a situation that we cannot change and accept the reality of that, it is only then that we are open to the question, “What are my choices?”  We always have choices.  Sometimes that may boil down to what is my least painful choice, but we do have choices.  Demeter could have been stubborn and refused to let the crops grow even six months out of the year, but she was so excited to be re-united with Persephone for at least six months she cooperated. 


Yes, there are those times when you wish your puppy would remain a puppy always and that your child would remain that precious little one but that is not how life works. From the moment we are born, we are on our path toward change and eventually death.  That is how life works.  Open your heart to change.  Use breathing exercises or yoga practice to keep you open, receptive, and flexible.


            If you see no beauty, create it.   Buy some flowers, plant a plant, decorate a corner of your personal space, or go to a park with a water feature.  Getting out of the house and the old drab repetitive patterns gives us a new perspective and fresh energy.  A different point of view wakes up our inactive brain.  Practice gratitude for food you eat, the space you live in, the health that you do have.  Maybe you have bad health, but take an inventory of what you do have. Can you still see?  Are you still breathing?  Switching the brain to the positive helps your daily attitude and it has been proven, focusing on the positive does give us more positive.  Focusing on the negative keeps us trapped in the Hades of our life.  The decision is ours. 


Yes, even though there are sources such as Hades working against you, there are other sources working on your behalf.  Scroll down and re-read the March 21st article, Stories: Unlock our Unconscious and Lead Us into the Light.  Hecate, Demeter, and Zeus worked collaboratively to obtain Persephone’s release from the underground.  Let the sources, resources, and community around you visible and invisible help you when you are in despair.  Reach out of yourself and to someone and/or to God as you understand her/him to be and ask for what you need.  Work toward it and you will find that you get closer to getting your needs met than you do by staying in your pity-party.  Get out and enjoy the spring that surrounds you.

You can google the story of Persephone and Demeter and find many versions of it.  Here is one that summarizes it nicely. Persephone and Demeter

Journal Questions: 

  1. How have you been abducted and forced against your will do something?
  2. How can you be like Demeter?
  3. Despite, the bad things that have happened, what can you do to bring joy to your life some of the time?
  4. What did you learn about yourself in this Greek Myth?


BOOK REVIEW:  The Dali Lama’s Cat by David Michie

            Do you love animals?  Do you love a good writer who can turn ordinary words into the magic of a story?  Do you love a story that keeps your attention and makes you keep turning the page to see what happens next?  Are you the least bit curious about the Dali Lama and/or Buddhism?  Do you ponder what your purpose in life is?  Then this book is for you.  HHC (His Holiness’s Cat) tells the story of the day it was rescued by the Dali Lama and taken to his monastery and personal quarters to be cared for and loved. HHC is like all kittens who grow up to be cats, HHC is curious.  He finds his way into mischief and harrowing situations and works his way into the hearts of all of those who live in Dharmsala.  HHC tells us the daily activities of the Dali Lama and the practices of the monks and teachers around him.  As a result, you the reader, or dear reader as HHC refers to you, your curiosity about Buddhism is well-fed and many of your questions answered.  You will come to care about the well-being of HHC and his daily excursions while educating yourself about the purpose of Buddhism and, as you become enlightened, the lighter your mind and heart will become.  So, if you are looking for a good read, this novel is sure to delight your soul. 

Dali Lamas Cat 

March 21st Repost: Stories…Unlock our Unconscious and Lead us Into the Light
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