Learn to Tap into Your Goddess Energy

Learn to Cultivate A Relationship with The Goddess
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Goddess Energy is just like the what the words say. Take a moment to notice what flows through your mind when you read those two words. Do you get curious? Do you dismiss the words as airy-fairy? Or do you flash on images like these and have no idea about the significance of these photos?

The Under Belly of the Unconscious
The Labyrinth as a Portal
The Mystery of Alchemy

Are you denying yourself another pathway to spirituality because you have a mental bias? The above questions and images activated your internal energy system. The Goddess is all about energy. Her stories predate patriarchy, and once upon a time, the earth was peaceful, creative, and collaboratively.

The Goddess is an archetype. The archetype is a global symbol that permeates our unconscious of us in every corner of the world. That is why we have so many Goddess stories and creation stories. These stories rise from the belly of the unconscious through our energy systems and help us become creative, empathic, and courageous.

One story that you might or might not be familiar with is the story of Mary Magdalene and the Egg.  The short version goes like this: Mary Magdalene, a woman of great financial means, made an appointment with Tiberius, the Emperor of Rome.  For whatever reason, she took along an egg.  Magdalene told Tiberius that Jesus had risen from the dead. Tiberius scoffed at her and said, “No one rises from the dead, just like you can’t make that egg turn red.”  As soon as those words left Tiberius’s mouth the egg turned red.

When we look at the triple Goddess or the Maiden, Mother, and Crone, we see

Now, you might be confused and wonder why I am putting Mary Magdalene in the same category of a Goddess.  Before Mary Magdalene, there was a Goddess named Artemis.  Artemis, a Greek Goddess, is a very prominent one.  As you unwrap many of the stories of the two women, you will discover many similarities.  By the era of Magdalene, the Goddess and her stories had been wholly overlaid with male-dominated patriarchy.   As you study this genre of literature, you will see many symbols and archetypes connected, such as the Labyrinth, Bees, Bulls, and the Virgin Mary.   Mary Magdalene, the Virgin Mary, and Artemis all made their way to Ephesus in their later years. There are many connections.

Artemis:Virgin Goddess of Hunt, Moon, Bees

Artemis, Athena, and Hera ( The Virgin Goddesses) and later Mary Magdalene, Mary, and Lady Wisdom, we can seek wisdom and guidance in our daily life. The Goddess embodies transformational energy, and by learning to tap into that ancient forever energy, we become more of who we really want to be.

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