Transformative Workshop March 5th, 2022

Do you understand how shame impacts your daily life?

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Have you wondered why you keep doing something over and over again, vowing each time you are not going to do it again?  Do you wonder why you seemed to be having a good time and enjoying the moment and suddenly things went hay-wire and a great evening turned into a complex cave of nasty emotions.  Do you wonder why that memory that causes your eyes to well with tears, keeps haunting you day in and day out?  The answer to all of those questions has something to do with shame.  

Shame is at the core of our emotional pain.  Tomkins’s definition of shame is very simple.  He states that shame is the interruption of a positive experience.  For instance, you are going about your own business of feeling good about your life and suddenly something goes wrong.  Perhaps you were expecting to have a good time with your friends and suddenly over dinner one of them says something that hurts your feelings.  When that happens the compass of shame is activated.  Donald Nathanson added to Tomkins’s theory the concept of a Compass of Shame. Nathanson states that our reactions to shame are like an internal compass and most humans do one of four things when shame is triggered: Avoid, Withdraw, Attack Other, or Attack Self.  A compass covers mass amounts of territory and does not give you the entire map.  When using a compass, you must keep moving to find a path that takes you where you want to go.  If you are lost, you may not know if you want to go north or south.  Being lost in your inner self is just like being lost in an unfamiliar forest.  This example of being lost in an unfamiliar forest explains why we keep doing the same old things that we keep promising we will never do again.  We are lost.  We are going in circles, never going far enough in one direction or the other to get to our goal.  We keep repeating history and keeping making promises to stop unwanted behaviors  but don’t look far enough inside to free ourselves from the forest. 

In this workshop, you are going to explore this Compass of Shame and come to understand yourself and your behavior better while you are developing mindful techniques and practices of self-care and true compassionate internal responses instead of listening to your harsh inner critic.  Compassion toward others and toward ourselves is an internal response of empathy, care, concern, and assistance.  If we are not able to practice compassion, then the underlying reason is shame. Shame interrupts compassion and sends the self into a path of self-destruction.



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