A Free Chapter for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

ACTION is the Starting Word For Your Journey!

Wow! Here you sit, your world disheveled and upside down.  Your mind split in 1000 directions.  Is there a hole to climb into?  Is this cancer diagnosis a nightmare or a huge mistake?  Nope.  Here it is in front of you, the pathology report.  You keep checking the name making sure it is yours.  Now what do you do? 

Regardless of what your feelings are right now or the amount of fear that cancer raises up inside of you, you must take ACTION.  ACTION is your friend.  ACTION is one of the most important things to do.  

You will learn some very important things in this process and one is how to be the captain of your own treatment team. You will learn to ask questions, lots of questions as part of your ACTION plan.  As you become acquainted with the twenty-six words in this book you will most likely learn to stay on task, stay inspired and take the necessary ACTION to help yourself heal.  It is all about healing right now.  Cancer is not what it used to be.  It is no longer a death sentence and you and the actions you take are the most important part of making it a healing opportunity verses a death sentence.  

Your attitude towards this cancer will make a huge difference in how you cope and move through treatment. The ACTIONS you take will help your attitude remain positive. You can do these ACTIONS. Yes, it will be scary at times, but even when it is scary keep taking positive steps toward healing, then you will remain an active part of your treatment team.

Passivity is not a luxury that you can afford right now.  You cannot just sign your life away for your treatment team to make all of the decisions for you. You must be a person of direction, knowledge and filled with hope.  You are going to have a whole new language to learn and you are going to have to learn it fast. Even words like “pathology report” are brand new to you.  Be sure to ask for a copy of each report you receive.  You will want copies of all your pathology reports, blood work, CT scans, MRI reports, etc.  Right now, it does not matter if you understand the reports; but you will have your own file to take to new doctors, second opinions, and to compare your progress to in the future. 

Let this word ACTION be your guide over the next few months as your life becomes complex.  Day will be filled with doctor’s appointments, treatments, and medical procedures.  It will calm down but not for a while.  

ACTION steps to take every day.

Question and Research

Seek a second opinion

Explore complimentary medicine 

Change your life with dietary changes and exercise

Read articles on your diagnosis

Establish a treatment team you trust

Risk saying “No.” 

Remember there are no silly questions.

You are the most important person on this journey.  Take care of yourself first and delegate everyone else to second place. 

ACTION in big steps and little steps get you closer to how you want to embrace this journey. As you keep putting one foot in front of the other you will come to a place where you feel more confident in your choices and move forward into your healing.

ABC WORKBOOK FOR CANCER PATIENTS is an alphabetical workbook which takes you from A-Z with mindful awareness exercises to help you cope, find peace, and work through your journey in a positive way. Each chapter has three action steps for you to take to empower you through your journey!

Get Your Copy Today!

Learning to Navigate and Be Empowered During this Journey is Essential to Positive Mental Mental Health and Attitude During Treatment.

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