Dorothy Must Get the Witches Broom for the Wizard to Help Her!

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Dorothy arrives in Oz as result of a tornado and she desires to return to Kansas as she is homesick for Aunt Em and Uncle Henry. Her arrival begins her hero’s journey. She was lonely, unheard, a motherless daughter in Kansas and her only precious possession is her dog, Toto. In the workshops you will come to view Toto as your intuition. Toto is spontaneous, inspirational and very capable of spotting the bad guy. We see that in the beginning with Mrs. Gulch and again when Toto pulls the curtain away from the Wizard. When Dorothy is captured in the witch’s castle it is Toto that runs to get her help so that she can rescued by the Lion, Tin Man and the Scarecrow. When we are in danger we need our wits, our courage, and feelings to be working together. Dorothy begins her journey by collecting the parts of herself that she will need on her hero’s journey and finishes her journey being rescued by her parts, which I refer to as her friends throughout this workshop.

Dorothy’s journey to Oz is filled with adventure, obstacles, and constant resistance from the Wicked Witch of the West. The West Witch wants Dorothy’s red shoes. They were gifted to Dorothy from Glynda when Dorothy’s house dropped on the Wicked Witch of the East. The Red Shoes provide Dorothy with a sense of stability and endurance throughout the movie. They also provide her with the power to go home, even though she is not conscious of that power until Glynda points it out to her in the end. The shoes power were intended for good, but the wicked witch of the East used their power to intimidate the munchkins. The munchkins represent the cute naïve part of ourselves that are gullible, innocent, and easily influenced. However, the munchkins knew the East Witch was not good for them and they were so grateful when Dorothy killed her and Glynda showed up to celebrate the event.

We are much like Dorothy, when a crisis happens in our life such as a cancer diagnosis, an accident, a divorce or a death of a loved one, the crisis can become paralyzing. To move through the shock we need to take steps of action. Shock makes our world disheveled and upside down and splits our mind into a 1000 directions, and often we look for a hole to climb into or a Wizard to make it all better. It is a crisis for Dorothy when the Wizard she has counted on to get her back to Kansas tells her to bring him the witches broom. She has come all this way to be be sent on yet another task. Her choices are slim. Face her fear and get the broom or stay in Oz and let go of the hope of going home. She takes action with her integrated parts, the Scarecrow, Tin Man and Lion.

So regardless of what you are feeling right now or how immobilizing your fear feels, you must take action. Action is your friend. ACTION is one of the most important things to do. Action will help your attitude and keep you focused in your goal. Passivity is a luxury you can not afford when you are facing a cris and tough decisions. Research what your options are. Gather a community of three to build accountability and support. At the beginning of each day write down three action steps. Journal for ten minutes about your feelings and arouse your courage and energy to take these steps. Write down three gratitudes at night before bed. Gratitude will build a positive attitude and a positive attitude will create more ACTION.

In this next workshop on September 11 from 11-1 on Zoom we are going to explore Dorothy’s Journey to get the broom and how we too must get the broom to go home! Don’t miss it.

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1 thought on “Dorothy Must Get the Witches Broom for the Wizard to Help Her!

  1. Great post. I’ve really been enjoying your Wizard of Oz series. Do you think that the writer envisioned the psychology behind his characters and plot?


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