Comfort Zones are Like Poppy Fielids

If you are like me it is hard for you to sustain the vibrancy and joy of living each day as if it were your last. It is so easy to think we have forever and we get dreamy about life on the other side of the rainbow and then often nurture a false belief that life becomes magically perfect on its own. All we have to do is keep waiting! Seductive belief isn’t it?

Have we fallen asleep? Are we caught in a space that has dulled your senses and that is sucking the life out of us ? I invite you to re-watch the Wizard of Oz and ask yourself, “How is my life like Dorothy’s life?”

What they didn’t know is that these poppies have been planted there by the Wicked Witch of The West. She fully intended to distract them with the comfort of deep sleep so that she could send her minions in to capture them and bring them back to her castle. There she would force Dorothy to give her the red shoes that she so covets. It was the witch’s plan and Dorothy was seduced right into her hand.

The truth is we must do the hard work of waking up and tending to our soul. Equally true it is important to invite others into our life even if they are not the smartest, loving, or bravest, just like the Scarecrow, Tin Man and Lion. Each of them are also our broken off parts of ourselves and each part is needed for us to heal. But that is only the beginning. By the time Dorothy and her friends get to the poppy fields, they have come out of the dark forest. It has been full of challenges and scary times. Now, right in front of them are these beautiful red flowers and they smell so inviting. They leave the Yellow Brick Road and fall into a deep sleep. Comfort becomes the a well deserved reward. They have come such a long way so why not take a break, cheat a little or reward themselves with something that is off of their path?

This is the first time since beginning the Yellow Brick Road that there is outside intervention. I prefer to call it Divine Intervention. Glynda sent snow. Snow can represent innocence and flexibility…it makes everything fresh and new again. The snow awakened the gang from their sleep and they were able to find their way back to the Yellow Brick Road. The first thing they saw was their destination, the Emerald City.

The question for you is where are you on the Yellow Brick Road? If you need help sorting and sifting, think about the August 14 Zoom Workshop on Lessons from the Yellow Brick Road. The first lesson we learned is “what do we have to lose by taking the journey?” Come along with me to Oz and let’s see what happens!

You can register by paying $75.00 at Or email at

Saturday August 14 11:00 A.M.-1:00 P.m. Zoom

Interactive Experiential Workshop.

1 thought on “Comfort Zones are Like Poppy Fielids

  1. Great post.

    In my daily work I’ve seen how great the dark are, too, in leading people into the “poppy” field. So many people live like sheep.


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