Adventure awaits you. Come travel with me on Saturday July 10 to begin the exploration of the metaphors, symbols, and life’s lessons from this age old story that still speaks to us today.


Lessons from the Yellow Brick Road

You may want to watch the Wizard of Oz to refresh your memory as each of these segments will refer to scenes in the movie or the background story found in The Wizard of Oz Book.  In this next three months I will be covering topics in this  Newsletter that we will dive deeper into the workshop.  We are going to start with Self Agency.

            Self-Agency is a word that floats around and is attached to people who have succeeded against the the odds, accomplished phenomenal things in their life, or used their few resources to create something incredible.  In the story of the Wizard of Oz, Dorothy demonstrates self agency and she also shows us that self-agency is developed throughout the obstacles on the Path.  Self Agency  is not “fairy dust”.  Self-authority is a Jungian Term used to describe the same idea.  As we travel through the Lessons of the Yellow Brick Road, we willing using Jungian theory to help us decipher metaphors, images, characters and delve deep into the lessons our soul wants us to learn.

Dorothy is a motherless daughter, being raised by her aunt Em on a Kansas farm. Dorothy has one prized possession, her little dog Toto. As we follow the story we will learn that Toto acts as Dorothy’s navigator throughout the movie. Toto instinctively knows the bad people, biting Mrs. Gulch which sets the conflict . Dorothy pleads to be heard and have her and Toto protected from the meanness of Mrs. Gulch. Aunt Em and the rest of the family are just too busy trying to survive, to pay any attention to Dorothy, so in desperation Dorothy runs away.

            At first, she is guilted by the circus man in returning home.  The universe has a different idea for Dorothy’s life and as a result Dorothy is too late to make it into the storm shelter as the Tornado sweeps through the countryside.    She  is hit on the head by her bedroom window.  This is where her trip to self-agency begins.

            Landing in the magical world of OZ she finds herself gifted with the red shoes from the wicked witch of the East and spoken to in riddles with the only understandable instruction sang to her by the little people, “Follow the Yellow Brick Road.”  Those words were Dorothy’s mantra throughout her journey.  What is your mantra?  What gets you through the tough spots of your journey?

            Having a mantra is a helpful tool to develop self-agency.  Here are some other tools Dorothy uses to come into her own power.

            She makes friends with those who you judge as “lesser parts” of  herself, the Scarecrow, Tin Man and Lion.  Learning to be kind to ourselves is better and effective than being critical. 

            She uses her voice with the Lion (fear) and with the Wizard.

            She continues on her path even though it appears that she will never return home.

So if you are feeling lost and bit disorientated, not feeling heard or important, and don’t know what to do,  this three part workshop is for you.  If you are looking for creative ways to continue your personal growth journey then this workshop is for you.  This workshop is labeled as an intensive because it has specific email assignments between sessions.  You will have direct access to my email responses to help you navigate through the twists and turns of your current life with your mantra and intuition while you learn to be compassionate and nurturing to yourself, use your voice and go seize the witches broom.

Questions? Email me at drrobinbdilley@gmail.com

See you on the path, Dr. Robin B. Dilley

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