Understanding the Dream Mind

Do You Know that Dreams Have Changed the Way We Live Our Life?

            Did you know that Albert Einstein dreamed about cows and that led him to the Theory of Relativity?

            Did you know that Frederick Banting discovered the use of insulin for diabetes in a dream?

             Did you know that Paul McCartney woke up from a dream with the tune and words of his song Yesterday in his head?

            Did you know that Abraham Lincoln actually witnessed his assassination in a dream he had before he was killed?

            Did you know that Niels Bohr, the father of quantum mechanics learned the structure of an atom in a dream?

            And did you know that Mary Shelley wrote Frankenstein from her nightmares?  

  Throughout all of history dreams have proven to be important and are spoken of often in various religious scriptures.  For example in Genesis,  Joseph interpreted Pharaoh’s dreams when no one else could.  He explained to Pharaoh what the abundance of seven years followed by seven year of famine meant.  As a result, Joseph was made the CEO of agriculture so he could plan ahead in order that the people wouldn’t starve.  

Buddha had five dreams before he reached enlightenment which helped him write the sutras of Buddhism. It is reported that Muhammad had dreams in his cave that gave Muhammad the revelations he wrote in the Quran.

Thus we can extrapolate that the Divine communicates to us in our dreams and scientific insights and problem solving come to us when we are in a relaxed REM state. However, to figure out how to come up with relativity theory from jumping cows in a dream requires a true interpreter! You will be surprised at how the dreams of others have changed your lives.

I have had significant dreams throughout my life and many of my clients have important dreams.  The Talmud tells us that a dream not interpreted is like a letter not opened.

So now it is your turn.  Are you getting messages in your dreams about what you should be doing differently?  Are dreams giving you insight on how to solve a personal dilemma?   Are you missing important information because you don’t know how to interpret your own dreams?  Don’t miss another important dream message to you again. 

Dream Expert Lauri Loewenberg has always been interested in her dreams and kept records of them from her early life. As a result she followed her passion and has studied dreams all of her adult life becoming an international dream expert and a member of the International Association Study of Dreams. She will introduce you to Understanding the Dream Mind and then allow you to ask questions, share your dreams while helping you learn to interpret your dreams. Dreams give us wisdom about our lives that we often miss in the daylight. There are only 12 spots left to this workshop. Get yours today!

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