How to Create and Use Guided Imagery For Healing

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Topic: Imagery: How To Create and Use it as a Personal Resource For Healing

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Finding and creating healthy images in your brain really can help your body move forward in positive ways. Your brain is like a computer. You are in charge of programing it with the software that will help you heal. Often referred to as guided imagery or creative visualization, IMAGERY is an important tool to help your body and mind connect and speak to each other.

If you look at the cover of my book, In A Moment’s Notice, you will see a Tiger and a Labyrinth. I used the imagery of the Tiger coming into my body and eating the mutant cells every day. All of these years later, I still send my tiger into my body to consume those cells daily. We all have rogue mutant cancer cells in our bodies and the goal is not to let those rogue cells get together and have a tumor building party! An important key in imagery work is that it must be believable to you. If you don’t believe your imagery has the healing powers to destroy your mutant cells, the imagery will not be as helpful.

Discovering what images you want to create to help you walk this path, it is most important that you find a believable image, an image in which you can create a relationship. My Tiger came to me in a lucid dream state in the middle of the night. I prayed for an image to help me through this journey. I played with some ideas like water, warriors, and other types of characters, but nothing stuck or spoke to me.

To find your very own IMAGERY you might ask yourself, what characters from mythology, movies, stories, or even sports figures speak to you? By speaking to you, I mean, allowing yourself to completely engage in thinking, feeling, experiencing what it would be like to have Babe Ruth knock those cells right out of the ballpark. Or imagine creating a magical waterfall that can rinse the cancer cells out of your body each day. Imagine feeling eager to go to that beautiful internal waterfall, stand under it letting it make you whole again. With a little help from your creative self, the mind can create the believable circumstances that allow you to transport yourself to your own healing garden.

This idea of using images to work with cancer cells is not new. I learned to trust this imagery work from working with a former client. She was diagnosed with non-treatable colon cancer. When she came to see me after her diagnosis, she brought me the book, Getting Well Again by Carl Simonton, and told me she was using the image of Snow White and Seven dwarfs to go through her body and mop out the cancer cells. She was a first -grade teacher, so that imagery and the structure of twenty minutes three times a day worked for her. Since then, research on imagery has shown it is not so important to do it twenty-minutes at a time, but rather doing it often and making sure that you are participating in a believable way with your image doing the healing work. Enjoy discovering your image.

Three Helpful Practices

1. Google guided imagery and listen to some of the free audio feeds on line.

2. Make a list of some images that might work for you.

3. Practice mindfully using those images in your mind’s eye and see which one seems to be the right one for you.

2 thoughts on “How to Create and Use Guided Imagery For Healing

  1. Great article. I’ve used imagery before and found it helpful. I’m assuming your call is AZ time, correct?


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