Courage Amid Change

       img_0712 Today is Memorial Day and it is not just the past that we reflect on, those battles fought long and hard. Now, we are in 2018, and still the battle goes on for world peace, peace on our soil, and peace within.  It takes courage to create peace within and to create space in the environment we live in, for peace to be birthed. We take risks that require courage every day.  We don’t think about the courage it takes to get in the car and go for a drive, or to climb a ladder and change the lightbulb, or even the courage it takes to go to the beach and take a swim in the ocean.  We don’t’ call those things courageous because we are motivated by our interest, enjoyment, or the normalcy of driving to the store.  However, as soon as something unfamiliar arises or change comes into our lives, invited or uninvited, a sense of vulnerability sets in and life as we know it begins to change.  This is when we become aware that we need courage.

What is courage and how do you get courage now that you need it more than ever? 

Courage is feeling anxious, afraid, and unsure but continuing to put one foot in front of the other and move forward in your life.  Courage is taking a risk without being guaranteed of a positive outcome.  Courage is staying when you want to leave.  Courage is leaving when you want to stay.  Courage is staying close to yourself, your values and open to the possibilities of change and learning to accept what you cannot change.  Courage is a what is already inside of you, but you need to learn to make friends with yourself to move forward.

Remember in the Wizard of Oz that each character already had what they(he/she?) needed without realizing it?  Recall how Scarecrow thinks and problem solves; the Tin-Man, an emotional connector to his core; and the Lion, leading the way to the witches’ castle.  They needed the journey down the Yellow Brick Road to realize what was inside of them all along. 

In the Wizard of Oz, like the Lion – our representation of COURAGE – is introduced later in the movie while trying to intimidate the Tin Man and the Scarecrow.  The Lion acts as if he is a bully by trying to make everyone else afraid.  The Lion chases after Toto until Dorothy has had enough and slaps the Lion to make him stop.  You must decide to today to take control of your Lion. You must learn to set boundaries and keep those boundaries when they are pushed against.  The Lion’s natural tendency is to bully and make you doubt yourself and your intuition (TOTO).  It is our job to make friends with our Lion in a firm and clear way.  We need our Lion to be courageous and lead the way amid the troubles and dangers in our life.  We do this by being firm with ourselves, and reminding the Lion that he is already courageous and he can lead the way if he stops spending his energy pointing out everything that can go wrong.

What are you currently facing and how do you need to work with your courage to help yourself face what is changing in your life?  Think about the men and women who went to battle because they felt it was his/her duty or maybe they needed the job to provide for his/her family.  What is it that you need courage to face, to create the life, you want?  Act today to be courageous.  It is one step at a time. 


 Does the blank page scare you?healing and wellness book

Are you afraid someone will read what you write?

Have you tried in the past and failed?

Journaling has been researched and has shown to be a very effective way of helping process complex feelings, reduce stress, overcome anxiety, and give you better outcomes in situations that you find difficult.  Cancer patients, pain patients and people with depression have shown positive outcomes by learning to cope with difficult and scary feelings by developing a journaling practice.  If it works so well for patients like that just imagine how effective it can be as a preventative tool.  Beginning July 11, I will be offering an online course to help you learn the art of journaling and develop a journal practice that you can actually enjoy.  Some say journaling is not for everyone.  However, I disagree.  There are as many ways to journal as there are reasons to journal.  For instance, if you want to explore the meaning of your nighttime dreams, it is best to keep a written record of your dreams.  If you want to be a better parent, then it is helpful to write down your interactions with your children and focus on how you want to continue toward positive parenting.  If you want to lose weight, those who keep a food journal do much better than those who do not keep track of what they eat.  See there are many reasons to journal. 

If you don’t like to write because you feel you are crummy at it, then I will help you explore coloring or other art forms as ways to express the emotions going on inside of you.  We will spend our time together learning, exploring, and discovering how to journal in ways that work for you. 

The class will be short doable sections with time provided for you to write, color, or other form of self- expression.  In addition to that time, you will have one free e-mail where you send me something you have written or ask me questions about your writing. That personal touch allows you to stay on track and make the most of your new journaling experience. 

The class will be live at 1:00 p.m. on Wednesday’s but taped so you can access it anytime on your own. Look forward to seeing you there.  Dr. Dilley


 Click Here: Early Bird $60.00













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