The Power of Virtual

Many have asked me, “why did you leave your office?”   I have had over 18 months to reflect on that question and I have a few answers.   The most personal answer it that it gives me the flexibility to travel, to live between two places, such as Prescott and Phoenix, and it gives me more time to write.  Most of my writing has been either short FB entries or personal and private entries in my journal. In addition, I have managed to put two different books on the market in the last eighteen months and am almost done with the third book.

However, the evolving professional answer to that question is that virtual psychotherapy, coaching and spiritual reflection provide you with more flexibility in your daily life. It doesn’t matter if you live in Tucson, Globe, or the White Mountains, you have the flexibility of clicking a button on your computer, tablet, or phone and bring my live into your office or living room.

There is no more, “hurry up and commute” time, no anxious watching the clock to make sure you make it back to the office in time, and no worries of running into anyone you may know in the waiting room.  A calmer, simple session takes place with built in time to for you to journal before and after session.

Journaling is a one of the most helpful tools to help you stay on track in your life.  If you will take five minutes in the morning and five minutes at night, you are creating a valid record of what is really going on with your daily life.  This is not a dress rehearsal, this is the only shot you have of creating a meaningful and vibrant life and virtual sessions can help you do that easier than ever before.  and are merging as one website and this new blog will bring you interesting articles, insights, and snippets of useful information to make daily living a creation of art rather than the mundane, ho-hum, “is it Friday yet?”.

By scrolling down, you will find a follow-me button.  Click on that to bring this blog to your email.  Let your friends and family know that there are new and better ways to get help and inspiration to make life the life you want it to be.  I remind folks that life can be difficult and hard to navigate at different times in their lives and by having a helping professional come along aside as an assistant and guide during rough times is an important asset to keep around.  One can never get too much self-care for those turbulent waters out there.  Email me at if you have questions or want to schedule a time.


You might want to check out this helpful journal: Writing your Way to Healing and Wholeness at Amazon.




9:00 a.m.-12:30 p.m. Spirit in Desert Retreat Center



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